Roland TR808 – The Best Drum Machine to Use For Trap Music

Following its launch in the early 80’s, the Roland TR 808 has without a doubt made its mark as it trekked across the wide world of music, leaving in it’s wake the sounds both classic and unique to each and every genre it touched especially trap music. Few, if any, drum machines are so distinct that they can be recognized by only a piece of their name, but say “the 808” and watch faces instantly register recognition.


Even more impressive is the fact that the 808 is just as recognizable – if not more so – by it’s sound alone. From it’s extended, deep bass drum sound to the snap-to-it snare drum and the unique hand claps and oh that cowbell (!), the 808 is THE standout among drum machines.

The TR-808’s sound is its trademark, pure and simple. Found nestled perfectly in every genre of music as if it were born there; this powerhouse is a legend in its own time. Utilizing the basics at their finest with no need to try to improve upon perfection, the Roland TR 808 knows the value of the classics and delivers them perfectly, every time.

The sounds from Roland TR-808 drum machine have now become so infamous in the trap genre that it’s the reason that I recommend all trap producers get their hands them.  If you can get the original sounds then I highly recommend these these trap samples from Modern Samples as they are definitely the best ones I’ve heard and are based of the original drum machine.

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